Newsletter, Spring 2024

by Beth Lang Golub

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Dear Professor,

Happy New Semester! Prospect Press is looking forward to a flurry of new textbooks and new editions of existing textbooks for 2024. We have also added another distributor to provide our materials within an online learning management system (LMS)—Perusall.


Prospect Press textbooks are now available on Perusall and at our standard eTextbook prices. Perusall is an LMS with many of the features you would expect regarding notetaking, quizzes, grading, integrating class material from disparate sources, and synchronizing with institutional LMSs like Blackboard and Canvas. It was created to increase student engagement with their readings and each other. You can choose to use these social engagement features or simply use Perusall as an integrated LMS.

To learn more about using Prospect Press books on Perusall,
check out our blog.


“Java Programming for IS” is here!

Here is a Java programming textbook that explicitly targets the needs of the IS curriculum. To learn more or order a review copy click here

Fundamentals of Java Programming for Information Systems
by Jeremey Ezell

Java has been a programming language of choice in the IS curriculum. However, there has not been an introductory textbook that focuses on the specific needs of IS majors and real-world business problems.

With this new offering, Prospect Press adds to its strong collection of introductory programming textbooks specifically designed for IS majors including

Python for Data & Analytics
by Daniel Groner, and

C# Programming for Information Systems
by George C. Philip


New Textbooks to be Released this Year

Several additional innovative textbooks are on track to be released soon including

Enterprise Networks: Infrastructure & Security
by Thomas L. Case

Explores the use of networking and security technologies within the context of enterprise systems. To learn more click here.   


Business Process Management: A Dramatized Journey
by Sandeep Purao and Caroline Strange

Provides a fully realized play to be read or performed that illustrates the complexities, issues, and alternative approaches to Business Process Management within an enterprise. To learn more click here.


Introduction to Sports Analytics using R
by Ryan Elmore and Andrew Urbaczewski

Due out in time for use Fall 2024.



We are planning to attend the following conferences this spring and summer. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Southern AIS (SAIS)
March 15-16, Gulf Shores, AL

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI)
April 4-6, Cambridge, MA.

Midwest AIS (MWAIS)
May 16-17, at Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research (CPR)
May 29-June 1, at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.

SAP North American Academic Community (NAAC) Annual Meeting

June 17-20, Montreal, Canada

Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
August 15-17, Salt Lake City, UT.



Best wishes,


-- Beth


Beth Lang Golub, President & Editor



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Beth Lang Golub

Written by Beth Lang Golub