Free Teaching Resources Available from Prospect Press

by Andy Golub

Prospect Press has numerous teaching materials available to you for free. These resources were developed by our authors to accompany our textbooks. However, they could prove useful in your class even if you are not using a text or are using a different one. We welcome you to use these resources. What we request is that when you do reconsider the primary textbook for your class that you take a look at what Prospect Press has to offer. 

Each Prospect Press free teaching resource is maintained in one of three locations:

  • Openly available on our website
  • Other locations on the internet
  • With instructors resources. In which case,
    you will need to contact Customer Support for access: 

Barbara Mines
Customer Support
Office: 802-540-0522


Free Educational Resources


Video Interviews with Senior IT Executives
James McKeen and Heather Smith prepared a series of videos with senior IT executives about their experiences on a variety of topics. These are designed as a teaching supplement for their book IT Strategy & Innovation. Topics covered include the following:

  • Delivering Value with IT
  • Developing a Data Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Personalization with IT

The "Personalization with IT" video is available on a separate Prospect Press blog (click here). To access the other videos you need to obtain access from customer support (see above).


IS Teaching Activities
Information Systems for Business: An Experiential Approach by Belangér, Van Slyke, & Crossler is an excellent teaching resource. It is full of hands-on teaching activities to help students experience and understand key IS concepts. If you would like a complimentary electronic review copy contact customer support. Here are just a few of the effective activities:

  • A Day in My Technology-Free Life (Activity 1.2) teaches how technology infuses our lives in so many ways.
  • Disrupting an Established Market (Activity 4.4) explores the range of techniques for competing in today's technology-driven markets.
  • How Protected is Your Computer? (Activity 8.1) provides a direct experience with computer security. This is a valuable life lesson and a basis for further exploration.
  • How Many Steps in the Process? (Activity 11.1) introduces business process modelling.
  • The Online Beer Game (Activity 12.1) emphasizes the importance of information when dealing with a supply chain system.


Intro to IS Podcasts
Craig Van Slyke has prepared a series of podcasts introducing the topics covered in Information Systems for Business: An Experiential Approach by Belangér, Van Slyke, & Crossler. You can access the Information Systems for Business Podcast at or wherever you access podcasts (e.g., Apple Podcasts or Anchor by Spotify).


Database Mapping Software
Nenad Jukić maintains a free online data modeling software suite called ERDPlus. It is widely used by professionals, students using his textbook (Database Systems: Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses) and others. You can directly access the system at You can watch an informative introduction to the system presented at AMCIS 2020 by clicking here.


Big Data Video Tutorials
Arben Asllani, author of Big Data Technologies for Business, prepared a series of video tutorials on various topics pertaining to using AWS for Big Data. They can be found on YouTube at Big Data Made Easy. They cover setting up your account, setting up an EMR environment, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Spark.


Programming Logic Videos
Daniel Groner, author of Python for Data & Analytics: A Business-Oriented Approach, has developed a series of videos to help teach computer programming called "Code-In-Motion." They are available in the "Videos" section on the web page for Python for Data & Analytics. They show the actions and interactions among all the connected parts of a program: the code, the flow, the variables, the inputs, and the outputs. 




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Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub