Writing a College Textbook: Successful Strategies

by Andy Golub

Writing a college textbook is a demanding but rewarding process that is essential for the progress of the field. Beth Lang Golub, Editor and President of Prospect Press, held a workshop at EDSIGCON 2021 to describe the process and encourage potential authors. A video of that session is provided below. In the video, Beth describes how to find your motivation, the steps for getting started, and Prospect Press' supportive involvement throughout the process from conceptualization through reviewing of successive chapter, preparation of a final product, and presentation of the textbook to the field through our marketing program.

Prospect Press publishes textbooks for the IS Curriculum and increasing for the DA Curriculum, especially when the course is taught in conjunction with an IS Program. If you are considering writing in these or a related area, after watching this video, the next step is to send Beth (beth@ProspectPressVT.com) an e-mail to set up a zoom meeting.





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Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub