Why I Love Prospect Press

by Abby Golub

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Professors, authors, and other collaborators choose Prospect Press to suit their needs and meet their goals.

Gary Templeton, Mississippi State University

A world-class organization.

Monica Garfield, Bentley University

Wow, have things changed!

Fred Niederman, Saint Louis University

Thank you for the pastries.

Rob Crossler, Washington State University

One of the things I love about Prospect Press is that they care about the students, how the students will learn. You see that in a lot of their textbooks.

Chinazunwa Uwaoma, Claremont Graduate University

They are very good at customer service. You make a request and they respond immediately. That’s one of the things I like about Prospect Press.

Monica Garfield, Bentley University

So when I came in it was all the big houses, $200 books, long lead times. Now we have these innovative companies like Prospect Press who can hit the ground running and get a book out to us quickly that hits modern-day needs. So in technology where things are changing all the time, having somebody like this who can give me a book that is ready with the latest and greatest is wonderful. Their turnaround time is so great. AND they also have lower prices, which for my students is really important these days.

Rob Crossler, Washington State University

The most important thing I love is that the price is affordable for students. Education has gotten so expensive these days that seeing a textbook publisher putting out product that students can afford, to me really seems to be capturing where the marketplace is today.

France Bélanger, Virginia Tech

I’m really glad Prospect Press approached us about our book to take it further. It has been absolutely wonderful working with the whole family at Prospect Press.

Fred Niederman, Saint Louis University


Of course I remember Beth from her Wiley days. She used to be our representative, and would come and be helpful. Don’t tell her, but I still use some of the old books from them!

Misty Decker, IBM Academic Initiative

Prospect Press has been fabulous. They are super nice people, and have the best chocolate. We have had the opportunity to look for ways for us to collaborate to help the academic community reach their goals.
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