Prospect Press Presents Virtual Conference Workshops 2020

by Andy Golub

Prospect Press Presents Virtual Conference Workshops 2020

Prospect Press will be presenting various workshops at virtual conferences this year.

Our sympathies to everyone regarding the impact of Covid-19 and regarding the limitations it has imposed on usual activities. This situation has created a challenge to professional societies. Many of them have created virtual meetings. It will not be the same. On the other hand, these virtual meetings provide a new opportunity and may even expand attendance; partaking of sessions this year will not require expensive overnight travel. Additionally, societies have greatly reduced their registration fees.

Accordingly, we encourage everyone to attend professional meetings, appreciate the benefits they are able to provide in these challenging times, and continue to support the professional societies that are dedicated to supporting you and your career.

Prospect Press will sponsor the meetings we usually attend and present workshops as a way to showcase pedagogical innovations in our latest publications. Here is a list of our activities and links to meeting registration:


AMCIS, August 10-14
A Holistic SA&D Approach to Agile, Plan-Driven and Hybrid Systems Project Options
Tuesday, August 11th, 9:30 AM Mountain Time, 11:30 AM Eastern Time.
Workshop by Gary Spurrier and Heikki Topi

Using Free Data Modeling Web Software in Assignments and Projects for Operational and Analytical Database Courses
Wednesday, August 12th, 3:30 PM Mountain Time, 5:30 PM Eastern Time.
Workshop by Nenad Jukic


Southern AIS, September 11-12
Meet Prospect Press.
Session with Beth Golub, President & Editor.


ACM SIGITE, October 7-9
Agile, Plan-Driven and Hybrid Options for SA&D
Workshop by Gary Spurrier and Heikki Topi


EDSIGCON + CONISAR, November 4-6
ERDPlus, Free Data Modeling Software for Operational and Analytical Database
Workshop by Nenad Jukic

Teaching Big Data Technologies 
Workshop by Arben Asllani



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Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub