Newsletter, Fall 2019

by Beth Lang Golub

 Prospect Press

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Dear Professor,

Just like the field of Information Systems, Prospect Press continues to grow and evolve. We have a new website, new books, and have expanded our commitment to the IS-related area of Data Analytics.


New Website

We have substantially upgraded our website. The goal was to provide more convenient service. In particular, the navigation system has been revamped making it easier to find and learn about the book that you need as our list grows. We owe a big thank you to our new IT and Marketing consultants Remington Begg and his team at Impulse Creative for their excellent work.


Data Analytics Textbooks

“Do you have anything on Data Analytics?” We have been hearing this question with increasing frequency at meetings now for several years. Clearly, this interdisciplinary domain has arrived and there is a need for a variety of new textbooks on numerous topics and with different perspectives.

Prospect Press is now selectively publishing Data Analytics textbooks, particularly for courses offered in conjunction with Information Systems programs. We introduced our first Data Analytics offerings last year:

Social Analytics: Network and Text Methods with NodeXL and R
by Shaila Miranda

Supply Chain Analytics: Understanding the Business Context
by Nada Sanders.

We have two more Data Analytics books that are moving through the development process:

Python with pandas for Data Analytics
by Robert C. Nickerson

Big Data Technologies for Business
by Arben Asllani

And we continue to review new proposals in this area. If you have an idea for a Data Analytics textbook or are interested in helping review manuscript chapters as they are completed, please send me a short e-mail.


New and Revised Information Systems Textbooks

This Fall, we are pleased to announce the release of

eCommerce: A Stakeholder Approach
by John R. Drake.

This book takes a fresh approach to a topic of increasing importance as electronic commerce becomes more central to how we do business.


Several new Information Systems textbooks are in development including

Systems Analysis and Design in an Age of Options
by Gary Spurrier and Heikki Topi

Modern Day Business Processes
by Dawn Owens and Gaurav Shekha

Web Development with ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
by Jakob Iverson and George C. Philip


And several of our current titles are being revised:

Database Systems: Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses
by Nenad Jukić, Susan Vrbsky, Svetlozar Nestorov, and Abhishek Sharma

Business Data Communications & IT Infrastructures,
by Manish Agrawal and Rekha Sharma

Assembly Programming and Computer Architecture for Software Engineers
by Brian R. Hall & Kevin J. Slonka

Mobile App Development for iOS and Android
by Jakob Iversen and Michael Eierman

If you are interested in helping review manuscript chapters, as they are completed, for any of these new or revised Information Systems titles, please send me a short e-mail.


Upcoming Conference

We will be attending the following conferences this Fall. If you will be there, please plan to stop by our exhibit and say hello.

ACM SIGITE, Tacoma, WA, October 2-5, 2019

EDSIGCON, Cleveland, OH, November 6-9, 2019

ICIS, Munich, Germany, December 15-18, 2019


I wish everyone a happy and productive new academic year.


-- Beth


Beth Lang Golub, President & Editor




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Beth Lang Golub

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