Podcasts by Craig Van Slyke

by Andy Golub

Craig Van Slyke, a co-author of IS for Business, has produced three series of free podcasts, two of which are ongoing. These series can be found wherever you access podcasts. Enjoy!


Information for Systems for Business Podcast

This series provides a brief introduction to each chapter of the textbook Information Systems for Business, by France Bélanger, Craig Van Slyke, and Robert E. Crossler. Each podcast highlights the chapter material that Dr. Van Slyke personally finds most important.

You can access these podcasts at prospectpressvt.com/podcast. Alternatively, you can find them wherever you access podcasts. For example, the series is available on Apple Podcasts at podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/information-systems-for-business-podcast/id1586451079. Or, on Anchor by Spotify at anchor.fm/informationsystems/episodes/Knowledge-Management-and-Decision-Support-Systems-e1a2ilr.


The Cyber Ways Podcast

In this series, top academic researchers are asked to distill the practical implications of an important publication for use by cyber security professionals. It is produced by Tom Stafford and Craig Van Slyke, brought to you by the Center for Information Assurance at the Louisiana Tech University's College of Business, and funded by a Just Business Grant.

Episodes can be accessed directly at cyberwayspodcast.buzzsprout.com. Some of the topics so far have included: Cybersecurity and the Herd [Creating a culture of secure behaviors]; Phishing's Long Tail (who are the most vulnerable employees); and Security on Autopilot (how decisions with important security implications are often made without careful deliberation).


Rational Ignorance Podcast

This series seeks to help you focus your attention on what really matters with the goal of living life well. For this series, Craig Van Slyke has partnered with Andrea Christelle, a philosopher and outdoor enthusiast. It can be accessed directly at rationalignorancepodcast.com. Some of the topics so far have included: Overcoming Negativity Bias; How #Caturday [Cat Saturday] helps us flourish; and Outrunning Depression.



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Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub