Prospect Press Textbooks are Innovative

by Andy Golub

Information Systems and their place in business and society change continually, quickly, and dramatically. To best prepare new professionals, IS programs are continually updating what courses are offered, what is covered in each, and how the material is presented. This constant change in turn sparks the need for new textbooks providing opportunity and direction for our publishing efforts.

At Prospect Press, we identify the next innovations primarily by listening to IS professors. A new textbook typically starts with a professor telling us, “You know what the field needs…?” If you want to tell us “what the field needs,” contact Beth Golub or visit our booth at an IS conference. We would be pleased to hear from you.

The following presents the primary innovations embodied in our recently published and recently updated textbooks:



Title & Author

Primary Innovation

       Textbook Cover


Systems Analysis & Design
in an Age of Options

by Spurrier & Topi

Presents both waterfall and agile approaches and teaches how and when to choose elements from each in practice.




Database Systems: Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses
by Jukić, Vrbsky, Nestorov, & Sharma

Provides an integrated foundation regarding both operational and analytical databases.



Big Data

Big Data Technologies
for Business

by Asllani

Provides a highly-accessible introduction to distributed database systems for non-technical managers, business students and other professionals



Web Development

Web Development for Business: A Complete Approach to Front-End and Server-Side Development
by Philip & Iversen

Covers all the front-end and server-side technologies necessary to create a fully functional website for a business.



Intro to MIS

Information Systems for Managers in the Digital Age
by Piccoli & Pigni

Explores the use of IS to create and maintain value in today’s business world where digital disruption, digital transformation, digital innovation, and digital entrepreneurship have become the norm.



Intro to MIS

Information Systems for Business: An Experiential Approach
by Belanger, Van Slyke, & Crossler

Chock full of learning activities that facilitate active learning, critical thinking, and knowledge retention.




IT Strategy & Innovation
by McKeen & Smith

Examines leading IT issues students will face as identified in focus groups with senior IT managers.



Data Comm

Business Data Communications
& IT Infrastructures

by Agrawal & Clinton

Provides a VM lab that conveniently and inexpensively facilitates expanded options for online, hybrid and in-person delivery.



Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
for iOS and Android

by Iversen & Eierman

Empowers the developer to create apps for all mobile devices—not just one system or the other.




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Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub