ERD Data Modeling Software Workshop

by Lucas Miglionico

Nenad Jukić maintains a free online data modeling software suite called This software gets tens of thousands of uses each month. He provided a detailed presentation at an AMCIS 2020 workshop titled, Using Free Data Modeling Web Software in Assignments and Projects for Operational and Analytical Database Courses. This software is featured in Dr. Jukić's database textbook, but anyone can use the software regardless of whether you use the textbook. Now, let's find out what features of ERDPlus attendees learned about at the virtual workshop.


ERDPlus Features:

      • Free-To-Use: Any professor, student, or professional can sign-up and start using immediately.

      • Tool Diagrams: Create Entity Relationship Diagrams, Relational Schemas, and Star Schemas using the software suite.

      • Automatic Conversion: Convert Entity Relationship Diagrams into Relational Schemas into Star Schemas. Please note that the reverse is not possible.

      • SQL Generation: Create SQL code from your diagrams using the tool. You can also export the SQL code to use in other Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) platforms. These include: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, and even Microsoft Access. 

      • Save diagrams: You, students, or professionals can save their work on the ERDPlus server which is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

      • Export Diagrams: You can export your finished diagrams. For professors, they can have their students export their work to share it for grading purposes.

      • Database Textbook: Nenad Jukić uses ERDPlus as a part of his pedagogy in Database Systems: An Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses.

Click here to see the full video recorded by AIS at AMCIS 2020.


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Lucas Miglionico

Written by Lucas Miglionico