Eph McLean: The "Forrest Gump" of the IS Field

by Beth Lang Golub

Dr. Ephraim McLean gave the keynote address at the 2019 ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research Conference in Nashville, TN. This blog provides the slides from his talk that provide a retrospective on the history of the IS field spanning six decades. In his usual gracious style, Eph summarized his experiences of the tremendous changes as being the "Forrest Gump" of the IS field and asked everyone, "Were you there when. . .?" 

The conference proceedings describe Eph as a legend among scholars of IS. He is Regents' Professor and the George E. Smith Eminent Scholar's Chair in Information Systems at Georgia State University. He received the LEO Lifetime Achievement Award from AIS in 2007; at the ACM SIGMIS CPR conference, he was honored as the first recipient of the ACM SIGMIS Lifetime Achievement Award; at the 2019 ICIS meeting, a new scholarship to help doctoral students was named for Dr. McLean, and an overflow capacity reception honored his achievements.

I am pleased to be able to join with so many thanking Eph for his impact on my career. In 1993, as a new editor at Wiley, I had my first big signing with "Information Technology for Management" by  Efraim Turban and Ephraim McLean. It was a pleasure working for decades with Eph on many successive versions of his book. 

Enjoy the slides.


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