Driving IT Innovation: Prospect Press's First Trade Book

by Abby Golub

Heather Smith and James McKeen have been teaching IT Strategy and Innovation and running focus groups for over thirty years. They have drawn from their successful textbook to offer a trade book for professional audiences. Topics considered include AI, the API economy, emerging technologies, Digital Strategy, IT Governance, Disruption, DevOps, and more.

Why do many great companies fail at IT innovation?

The astounding speed of technological progress and evolution is pushing some companies to the front of the pack while leaving others playing catch-up. Information technology (IT) professionals are on the front lines of this battle and, in order to win, they must develop the capabilities and leadership mindset to innovate and thrive in the digital world.


Driving IT Innovation is a practical blueprint that IT executives and managers can use to learn how to propel innovation through IT. Two of the leading academic experts on IT provide a detailed examination of the three stages that drive innovation—opportunity, discovery, and delivery—and how IT departments can support initiatives in each phase. Through extensive interviews and interactive sessions with senior IT executives and managers from leading-edge organizations across a variety of industries, the authors distill best practices and guidelines for successful IT innovation.

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Looking for the related IT Strategy and Innovation Textbook, designed for classroom use?

This trade book does not include instructor resources or end-of-chapter materials. Prospect Press does not provide complementary review copies of Driving IT Innovation. For the textbook intended for use in the university classroom click here: 

IT Strategy and Innovation Textbook



About the Author Team

Heather A. Smith photo

Heather A. Smith has been named the most-published researcher on IT management issues in two successive studies (2006, 2009). A senior research associate with Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, she is the author of eight books, the most recent being IT Strategy and Innovation, 4th ed. (Prospect Press, 2018). She is also a senior research associate with the American Society for Information Management’s Advanced Practices Council. A former senior IT manager, she is co-director of the IT Management Forum and the CIO Brief, which facilitate interorganizational learning among senior IT executives. Heather consults and collaborates with organizations worldwide.

James D. McKeen photo

James D. McKeen is Professor Emeritus at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Empire Life Insurance in Kingston, Ontario. He has worked in the IT field for many years as a practitioner, researcher, and consultant. In 2011, he was named the “IT Educator of the Year” by ComputerWorld Canada. Jim has taught at universities in Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States. His research is widely published in a number of leading journals, and he is the coauthor (with Heather Smith) of eight books on IT strategy and management. Their 2015 book IT Strategy: Issues and Practices was the best-selling IT Strategy textbook in the United States.

Abby Golub

Written by Abby Golub