Code-In-Motion Videos Enhance Programming Comprehension

by Andy Golub

Daniel Groner, author of Python for Data & Analytics: A Business-Oriented Approach, has developed a series of videos to help teach computer programming called "Code-In-Motion."

When a student looks at a computer program on a printed page, especially when they are first learning to program, it appears static. However, that is far from what a program represents. In reality, computer programs are quite dynamic when they are running--and that is when things matter. Code-In-Motion provides a slow-motion animation showing the actions and interactions among all the connected parts of a program: the code, the flow, the variables, the inputs, and the outputs. 

The video below is a Code-In-Motion illustration of how the "While" statement operates. The full set of videos are available in the "Videos" section on the web page for Python for Data & Analytics.



Andy Golub

Written by Andy Golub