AMCIS 2019 Cancun

by Abby Golub

Carlos and Guillermo are planning the best AMCIS ever




Hola! Carlos and Guillermo are planning the best AMCIS ever for 2019 in Cancun!

2019 will be the 25th anniversary of AMCIS. We are planning to have the best AMCIS ever.

We are going back to Latin America. I was guilty for bringing us to Mexico the first time in 2006, to Acapulco. It was a great conference. 

Seeing your colleagues every year is fantastic. It is just quite an experience. It is one of the things that keeps me going, writing paper, getting there. 

Shiny logistics, nothing to complain about, and everyone is going to be very happy, I guarantee it. 

With lots of activities for before and after the conference.

Prospect Press hopes to see you there! Stop by our booth to say hi, grab a chocolate, and check out our new books. 


Thank you to AIS for providing space for us to film at the 2018 ICIS in San Francisco.


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Abby Golub

Written by Abby Golub